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Healing & Transforming Lives

With Dedication And Compassion

Dr. Martinez is a licensed, seasoned clinician, who has been serving the South Florida area for the past 23+ years. She has extensive experience working with a vast array of issues, including marital and family relationship issues, bereavement, depression & anxiety, PTSD, and life coaching. Dr. Martinez is bilingual and is fluent in English and Spanish. She welcomes anyone to call and chat, to consider her practice as a possible starting point for a new life experience.

Our Specialties:

Telephone Therapy

A COVID-19 Safety Protocol

To ensure the health and safety of my patients from the risk COVID-19, I am offering the option for appointments to be done by telephone. I also am offering outdoor, in person sessions to be done for those who are comfortable. All COVID-19 safety protocol is followed.

Inspiring Endless Possibilities

For Emotional Healing And Transformation

Dr. Martinez will help guide you in learning tools and strategies that will re-establish trust in family and marital dynamics, cope with depression or anxiety, and live a happier and healthier life. You are not in this alone and you can be free of the burdens weighing you down.