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Anxiety & Depression & PTSD

Helping Overcome

Anxiety & Depression

Feeling anxious and depressed can be a major challenge. If it feels as if fear, nervousness and sadness are taking over your life, anxiety and depression therapy can be an extremely effective way to counteract these feelings.

For the past 23 + years, Dr. Martinez has specialized in helping clients overcome anxiety and depression by creating unique approaches for each individual client that are designed to:

  • Uncover stressors and the origin of these conditions
  • Develop methods to help change actions, thoughts, and reactions
  • Learn and practice skills to manage your symptoms
  • Teach methods for coping with feelings
  • Help you recognize warning signs if your symptoms start worsening
  • And More!


PTSD typically begins as a result of a traumatic event. Symptoms may include feeling a heightened sense of danger, trouble concentrating, and avoiding people, places, or situations that remind you of the traumatic event.

These disorders are manageable with the right treatment plan and a willingness to learn ways to modify the behaviors that trigger your symptoms. You can count on Dr. Angela M. Martinez P.A.  to help you every step of the way.